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james this is xp laptop in case my response did not reach you from windows 7 pc hhave just put on xplaptop which gets in the list exactly as windows 7, the system restore went back to august 7, and seemed to work only snag is wwhilst I am getting in your messages you are not getting mine and as mentioned they were before we had to either do a repair on jaws 12 or a ssystem restore, and as dell windows 7 did not have jaws 11 put back on it after a hd failure we downloaded it all shouldbe working now. sorry about kindle but it is as mentioned jaws that is on my mind kind regards dorothy Ps again I have tried the conventional methods of reaching you

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I'm still looking for what this has to do with JAWS.

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My daughter reads text files on her Kindle.
At 08:22 PM 8/16/2011, you wrote:
yes they're only available from Amazon, as far as I know. You may be
able to borrow books from the public library soon though - it's in the
works at least in Canada.

At 12:14 PM 8/16/2011, you wrote:
I have a couple of questions about the Kindle. Where can you get
Are they only available from Amazon? Thanks


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