A peculiar issue connecting to my wireless network with my work computer.

Michael Mote

Hi folks. I'm having a strange issue connecting to my wireless network. That is when I have the security enabled. My work computer refuses to connect to it. When I hit connect, I get the option to click on the troubleshooting link. Doing this does not resolve the issue. It is a windows 7 system, and I'm using JAWS 13. I do not believe this is a JAWS issue, but since the blind computing list is gone, I didn't know where else to post my question. I wondered if anyone could tell me what setting/settings I need to check, so that my computer will connect to the network. Again, when I remove the security feature, and just leave the network open, it connects to that, without a problem. It happens when I enable my security, and try to type in my security key. Very weird!
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