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Views split button I accidentally got into a control I didn't understand in Windows 7 explorer. I believe it is the "views button.I changed the value and now am not sure how this effects Jaws or how my system performs. I looked it up in help but the information isn't helpful. It says we can press the left side of the button but Jaws can only open the right side with right arrow. Left arrow or space bar doesn't do a thing.. I know that I can make the same changes to the view from the menu so am not concerned about clicking the left side of the button.
From Windows 7 help:
Viewing and arranging files and folders When you open a folder or library, you can change how the files look in the window. For example, you might prefer larger (or smaller) icons or a view that lets you see different kinds of information about each file. To make these kinds of changes, use the Views button in the toolbar. Each time you click the left side of the Views button, it changes the way your files and folders are displayed by cycling through five different views: Large Icons, List, a view called Details that shows several columns of information about the file, a smaller icon view called Tiles, and a view called Content that shows some of the content from within the file.

The following is the part I accidentally changed. What is the best size or percent for Jaws and what works best for low vision? Also, what is the default level?

If you click the arrow on the right side of the Views button, you have more choices. Move the slider up or down to fine-tune the size of the file and folder icons. You can see the icons change size as you move the slider.

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