What is happening with Jaws here?

Robert Logue <bobcat11@...>

The shortcut is to a youtube video but the problem is how Jaws is reading the text below from one of the comments.

micro synths´╗┐

Go to the s in "synths and press right arrow. Sometimes I get astrisk, sometimes percent,question, pound, or the andsymbol.
Pres left than right arrow again and Jaws reads a different symbol.
If punctuation is set to read some or more, the up and down arrows also read a different character at the end of synths every time.
Even in the text I copied above from the web page into this message.

Jaws says the character is 65279 which I think is way out of range.
I don't understand charactor sets and how Jaws and different text editors give different results when reading them. For example: Jarte often converts symbols like ' apostrophe into all sorts of weird symbols that other text editors read as '.


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