ribbon access question

Jean Menzies <jemenzies@...>

Using Office 2013. This applies to both Outlook and Word, as that's all I've
played with so far.

When I go into the ribbon, say in Word, and access the Backstage view, I
find I can't navigate some things. Example, if I arrow down to Options and
press enter, then down to Trust Center and press enter, then I only hear key
tip letters as I tab across. I don't hear what they do. I know if I happen
to know the long key tip sequence, it might accomplish a particular task.
But am I missing something in terms of knowing what these letters mean? I
find this behaviour in various places. Are there any changes I can make to
improve access?

I have Jaws virtual ribbons turned off. Personally, I found no difference in
access with it on or off. I am using the alt key to access the ribbons
command, left and right arrows to change ribbons, and tab and shift to move
between controls. I also know about control and left and right arrows to
change ribbon groups. But that still doesn't let me know what these fields
are where I only hear the access key and no description.

Jean Menzies

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