Re: Outlook express with Jaws 14 for a friend


I came across the following post, and perhaps it would help with this

Hi got some info from Google. This is long winded. However I hope this all
helps. I've seen this problem when xp was our all time operating system.
Here goes!

Mozilla Thunderbird <> ... all
can be affected. It is usually not the email client's fault but a matter of
the association that links hyperlinks to your browser broken or distorted in
some way.

Fortunately, you can usually restore this association. For a quick fix, try
changing your default browser and then restore your old favorite. Sometimes
this is all that is needed.

More thorough and, thus, more fun is the following approach, though.

Make Links Work in Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook and Any Other
Email Program

Windows Vista

To restore links in email programs using Windows Vista:

. Open the Windows menu.

. Type "default programs" (not including the quotation marks) under Start

. Click Default Programs under Programs.

. Now click Set your default programs.

. Highlight Internet Explorer under Programs.

. Click Set this program as default.

. Now click OK.

. Close the default programs window.

Of course, you can now choose a different browser from the same Programs
list and use Set this program as default to make it your default.

Windows 98/2000/XP

To make web pages open again when you click links in emails using Windows XP
and earlier:

. Make sure neither Outlook Express nor Internet Explorer are open.

. Select Control Panel from the Start menu.

. Click Internet Options.

. If you do not see Internet Options right away, click Network and Internet
Connections before.

. Go to the Programs tab.

. Make sure Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default
browser is checked.

. Click OK.

. Close Internet Explorer.

. Re-open Internet Explorer.

. Click Yes when asked Internet Explorer asks "Internet Explorer is not
currently your default browser. Would you like to make it your default

. If Internet Explorer does not ask:

. Close Internet Explorer

. Select My Computer from the Start menu.

. Choose Tools | Folder Options... from the menu.

. Go to the File Types tab.

. Highlight (NONE) URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol.

. Click Advanced.

. Highlight open.

. Click Remove.

. Click Yes.

. Click OK.

. Now click Close.

. Start Internet Explorer.

. If you use a browser other than Internet Explorer, start it and make sure
it is the new default.

The above does not work? Try this:

. Now select Run... from the Start menu.

. Type "iexplore /rereg".

. Click OK.

Or, if that fails, continue with the following. Proceed very cautiously,

. Select Run... from the Start menu.

. Type "regsvr32 urlmon.dll".

. Click OK.

. Click OK again.

. Repeat the Start | Run... procedure with the following commands in this
order, maybe checking after each for returning function:

. "regsvr32 shdocvw.dll"

. "regsvr32 mshtml.dll"

. "regsvr32 browseui.dll"

More Tips

.Outlook Tips <>

.Most Popular Email Tips

.All Email Tips <>

This tip is known to work with

.Outlook 2000/2/3/7 <>

.Outlook Express 5/6 <>

.Windows Email Programs <>

Related Articles

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Access... <>

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Emai... <>

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<> Heinz

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Yes to JAW's, no to Windows. I think she's about to, but I doubt it will

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Has your friend installed the latest version of Jaws 14 and the latest
Windows Updates?

From: Onwardbob
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Subject: [blindwindows] Outlook link problem

For a friend, using JAW's 14, XP, with outlook. When she clicks on a link in
a received E-mail instead of opening, what happens is that her computer
locks-up so totally that she is forced to do a hard shutdown. Any ideas or
suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!

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I don't know what the problem could be in this case, but I think it's too
general to say that copying text is not a JAWS problem. In a browser or in
an email program where HTML is involved, text is displayed in the Virtual
Buffer, which is created by JAWS. Since copying information from the
Virtual Buffer is controlled by JAWS, there could be a problem with a
particular JAWS installation that would prevent text from being copied from
email messages.

Gary King
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Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 12:19 AM
Subject: Re: Outlook express with Jaws 14 for a friend

Of course it's not a JAWS problem. Copying text has never been a JAWS

Dave Carlson
Tastefully composed and launched near the Pacific Ocean using a Dell
Latitude E6520, JAWS 14, and Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

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Subject: Outlook express with Jaws 14 for a friend

Hello All,
My friend is using desktop computer with window xp home edition and have
jaws 14 and have outlook express !! Here is her message below and hope
someone will able to give some suggestion.

Hi All, I have a question about copying from an email sent to me. I can no
longer copy from an email. but, I can still copy from a word document, the
Internet and Facebook.

I use the copying and pasting frequently.

Please ask if this is a Jaws problem?


Debra Canty

O. Addison Gethers


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