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Andrew Diederick

Hello Brian,

I too, have office 2010. How do you "upgrade" to office 2013? I have
been using office 2010 on my labtop since March of 2010 and do not
know how to receive physical disk copies of office 2013 for
installation. How did you accomplish this? If anyone else can point me
in the right direction as to how to go about this I would greatly
appreciate it. Thank you. -Andrew-

On 5/28/13, Brian Smith <briansmith372@...> wrote:

I downloaded and installed the sounds add-on for Microsoft Office and it
works with the newer versions. I have been using the sounds add-on with
Microsoft office 2010 for awhile now, and it works fine. I just upgraded
Office 2013, and so far it works with that version of Office also.

Brian Smith
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I have them in 2010 and have no immediate plans to move to 13 at this time.
I just installed them.

Rose Combs

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In Word 2013 in the Options, there is the checkbox for Provide Feedback
sounds. When you check that box, you are directed to the Microsoft site to
download and install the add-in. However, on the Microsoft site, it says it
is for older operating systems and versions of office. In doing a Google
search, I see some brave souls have found a workaround for the error
that pops up when you try and install the sounds. Just wondering if anyone
here has successfully installed the sounds in anything higher than Office
2003? I miss my sounds and would like to get them back.

Jean Menzies

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