Re: [spotifyblindbeta] OneNote blind New features and new demo recording

George B

Ok john here we go,

I still am running one note 2013 on a win 8 pc.

I just installed the latest update

Now when I close one note and then restart I just have a edit field. I
arrow down and up and have no selections. So, I do a shift control n and
get the following
A window with a edit field and a ok and cancel button

If I type something in the edit field and eather hit enter or tab to ok and
hit the space bar it just goes back to the opening screen with nothing in
the text edit and if I arrow up and down nothing is said but edit

What the heck is happening what am I missing if anything?


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Hi all,
For those that haven't kept up, one note blind has broken down a lot of
barriers and you can do more than you thought previously possible. You can
not only create notes and organize your stuff, but you can also attach
files, images, and audio and video recording to notes too. The latest audio
demo covers this.
Give it a listen:
Thanks for taking the time,
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