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Jean Menzies <jemenzies@...>

Hi George,

I understood that the problem is that even after saving the file, then when
you run it, it supposedly tells you you don't have a valid Office product.
People report going into hidden files and running a particular file, which I
forget right now, and that gets around that error. So you're saying you were
able to run it simply after saving the download and running it as a normal
Windows install?


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I have them in 2007 and the trick was to not install, but save when it
started the download. So now I have them and just install when I need

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In Word 2013 in the Options, there is the checkbox for Provide
Feedback with sounds. When you check that box, you are directed to the
Microsoft site to download and install the add-in. However, on the
Microsoft site, it says it is for older operating systems and versions
of office. In doing a Google search, I see some brave souls have found
a workaround for the error message that pops up when you try and
install the sounds. Just wondering if anyone here has successfully
installed the sounds in anything higher than Office 2003? I miss my
sounds and would like to get them back.

Jean Menzies

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