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Jean Menzies <jemenzies@...>

Hi David,

I just want to thank you again for the File Explorer guide and the other
guides you have for Windows 8 and Jaws. At first it was very overwhelming,
but each time I go through it, I learn more. You've done a wonderful job
putting these together. Thanks so much.


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Hi Jean,
just to add that in addition to the three guides which Adrian has already
mentioned, I've also written a guide to file explorer on windows 8, which
was called windows explorer in previous editions of windows. The guide is
available here:
original message:
old PC finally died,and I have just made a major upgrade. I would appreciate
hints, tips, and/or tutorials and resources relating to the following

Outlook Express to Outlook 2013. I'm struggling with this change. E.g., I'm
typing this but can't read back my text. Help with views, settings,
contacts, etc., please.

Word 2003 to Word 2013. Haven't looked at this yet, but I expect major

Windows XP to Windows 8. Wow. Are there any recommended settings here?

Again, any getting started tips are most appreciated. More later . Still
recovering from a broken wrist, so my typing tolerance is limited here.
Please understand if I don't reply immediately.


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