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Hi Lauren,

Try this. I haven't found a web email form to test this, but this might
work. I assume either Windows 7 or 8.

On the start screen, start typing default programs. It will pop up. Press
enter. Tab over to something like Set default programs. It will show you a
list of various programs. Arrow down to Outlook and choose that. I think
there is an ok button as well. There are also some specific settings for the
program there, but I'm not sure what they mean yet. Let us know if this
works for you.


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When I receive a bulletin or am on a web site and there is a

Send mail to link that you can press on, I do

And I am asked whether to allow the opening of feature and I press on open.

Then, somehow I am defaulted to the windows mail, which I didn't know I had
and can't seem to use my Outlook default account.

I am given choices of accounts, but the to field is left blank and doesn't
recognize what was either in a bulletin or the web site page.

How can I make Outlook my default mail for sending emails this way?



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