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Jean Menzies <jemenzies@...>

Thanks, Anne,

I'll try that. That sounds a lot simpler.


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I press enter on the download link, then alt-s to save, without going to the
information bar.
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Hello all,

When downloading a file in Internet Explorer 10, I am having problems
with the toolbar that pops up. I hear the sound and press alt-N for
options. Then what is the best way to navigate the choices? Tab key,
left and right arrows, up and down arrows, etc. Sometimes it works and
sometimes I can't seem to find the controls. Also, the save button is a
split button. I thought that meant that if I pressed the spacebar, I
would get more options, and if I pressed enter, it would choose the
default action, which I assume would be save to the default location.

Any tips on this little toolbar would be appreciated.


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