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Good Afternoon: Does Tumbler still work after Yahoo purchased it?
Your Friend Dave

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Hi Aqil,

I have found Wordpress to be the most accessible. This is after benchmarking
with blogger, which was somewhat irritating, but still accessible, and
tumbler, which was damn painful. Having said this, I know of many visually
challenged people hosting their blog on blogger, but I have found it to be
somewhat lacking.

I am unaware about the accessibility of advertising solutions, and so would
appreciate if anyone shares their experience in this matter. Lastly, if you
are using a Wordpress hosted blog, you will be unable to use GOOGLE
analytics or ad sense. If you have to use these facilities, you will have
to move to self hosting.

Hope this helps,

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Does anyone know if google ad sense or any other alternative for putting ads
on one's website is screen reader accessible? Also, from the point of view
of screen reader accessibility, which hosting site for a blog would be best?

Is there any website or forum that provides guidelines on accessibility
issues involved in running a blog and advertizing on one's blog/website?

Thanking anyone who responds in advance.

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