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Angela Delicata <angeladelicata@...>

Thunderbird should work also.
Angela from Italy

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I also had to make the switch from OE to Outlook in the past two or three
years. Like you, I don't need all the bells and whistles. However, I was
soon using it almost without thinking, largely thanks to tips from people on
this list, along with CathyAnne's textbook. Now that you have it, I'd
encourage you to stick out the learning curve, which I think you'll find
isn't as grim as it seems at this stage. Most tasks are handled by keyboard
shortcuts, so there's almost no need to dabble with the ribbon. The program
is stable, and so far it hasn't limited by email storage load. And just
think, you're learning version 2013, which means you should be spared from
learning another email client for many years to come.

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Not sure if I will stick with Outlook or not. What other email programs work
wll with Windows 8 64 bit and Jaws 14, and also support pop 3 mail? I find
Outlook has a lot of bells and whistles I really don't want.

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