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Jean Menzies <jemenzies@...>

Thanks Adrian,

Again, thanks for the great resource. I hope this helps me understand
Outlook 2013 better. It's quite the beast moving from plain old Outlook
Express. \i can't say how it all compares to 2010.

This whole transition is slowly getting better, though. Nothing like a whole
full scale change to challenge the old brain cells.

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I note you did the JAWS part of this job by going into JAWS quick settings.
I don't mean to do the rest of the work for you, but I was curious if
Outlook 13 handled autocorrect differently from Outlook 10, where it is a
right-click option. It turns out that, yes, 13 is different.

I found what looks like a solution at the following webpage:

I suggest you search for "people" there rather than navigate down a long
page. That's where the substance begins.

I've often found Google to be the fastest way of getting answers to MS
Office problems. Here's the Google search results page I created in this
instance, in case you don't like the page I gave above:

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When composing a new message in Outlook 2013 with control-N, how do I get
Jaws to read the autocomplete of the To field as I start entering text?
Visually, the text in full form appears below but is grayed out. Insert V
auto text announcement is on. What might I be missing here?

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