Re: Silverlight scripting and netflix possible

Tusing <ptusing@...>

I have friends who use Roku but they do not live near me soI cannot
install JAWS
And play games with Roku.

However, I have been told
That if one can get the Netflix movies into the
"list queue",
then the Netflix button on the Roku remote control
brings up Netflix meaning the actual movie queue from where the movies are

I of course have not done this.

But when one clicks on any movie at that point,
The Netflix movie queue is what is on the Rokuscreenatthat point.

Three people have told methis.
One is activating whaever t is in the queue--meaning
That there are going to be very few choices of movies in the list queue as
nothing but the queue is visible.
So if there are 2 movies in the queue,
One can start one of them and then try the next one
As the netflix movie queue on computer transfers directly to Roku.

Has any one tried this?

I mean Perhaps I have said this badly, but what appears as the Netflix queue
on the computer becomes
The sole queue visible in Roku.

I wonder if any person has played games
Activating the same movie queue hence solely present in the Roku interface?

If some one can do this,
Please contact me off listwith
Instructions in numerical order.

Many thanks.

I think scripts are a fine idea!

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