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Brandon Keith Biggs <brandonkeithbiggs@...>

make sure you read all the documentation with Insert G and H.
Spotify Blind is a little slow when navigating to different areas because Spotify itself is slow. It helps if all your configurations match those outlined in the recommended settings.
I love my premium account because I can download whole Operas on my phone to listen to. I am going through the Ring now, and the whole ring CD set is anywhere between $45-200, so I'm getting an amazing deal for basically less than $10.
Granted I don't get the CD to keep, but if I continue with the subscription, I will be able to listen to all my favorites when ever. I basically call Spotify the Bookshare of music.
You have to use FB to sign up I believe.
If you get fed up with not understanding what is on the screen, just use the Jaws curser and click on the title of the track and whatnot.
Also, the search results do take a little while to load, especially if there are lots or none.
Try something that will have medium track results like Bryn Terfel, or l'heure exquise.

Brandon Keith Biggs

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From: Kelby Carlson
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2013 12:01 PM
Subject: Spotify Blind

Has anyone used this program with Spotify and JAWS? I'm thinking
of switching over from iTunes to Spotify for music but am not
sure how accessible it actually makes the program.

Kelby S. Carlson

Vanderbilt University

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