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you've got one "Oh Yeah" from me. Go for it!

On 5/10/2013 4:18 PM, John Martyn wrote:
OK, I have had a look at the code and indeed it is possible to script for a
Netflix player to respond to controls. In Silverlight land, it is possible
to make Silverlight the browser plugin work for applications as well. I
don't know how long it would take, but the Netflix interface seems pretty
straight forward, so I'll start out with Netflix first and then expand.
Anyone else want to use the Silverlight for something other than Netflix?

I have always wanted to control Netflix videos so I will build in the
following controls:

Play / Pause with the spacebar

Rewind and fast forward with control left and right arrows

Volume up and down with control up and down arrows

Stop playback with shift + space

Speak the currently playing movie and whatever information that it can
offer. I would probably put this information into the virtual viewer. It
might include actors, date released and more, I don't know how much
information is released to the page or the Silverlight player.

The time information IE current position and end times

I don't think subtitles will be possible but you never know. Speaking that
kind of information might be difficult or not possible.

If you want some more controls, let me know and I'll program it in.

This is going to start off simple with Silverlight. Eventually I will build
in support for Silverlight applications. That is going to take some time
though because I have to learn the language then translate this to jaws
script. There isn't going to be a beta for the Netflix thing because this is
so straight forward. The great part is you can choose what browser you want
to use.

Does this sound like something we would all be interested in?


John Martyn

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