Re: Freedom Scientific Announces Departure of Jonathan Mosen

Adrian Spratt

Jonathan Mosen now has his own website. Here's an entry from this week's
edition of Dean Martineau's newsletter:

Jonathan Mosen is now an independent consultant, so I expect we'll be seeing
plenty of material from his site:

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Freedom Scientific Announces Departure of Jonathan Mosen

(St. Petersburg, Florida - May 1, 2013) - Freedom Scientific today announced
that Jonathan Mosen has resigned his position as Vice President of Blindness
Hardware Product Management for the company to pursue other opportunities.

"Jonathan has been a valuable contributor to the rollout of our blindness
hardware products over the last seven years, particularly our new line of
Blue wireless Braille displays," said Brad Davis, Vice President of Hardware
Product Management for Freedom Scientific. "Jonathan has been the voice of
Freedom Scientific in our monthly podcasts to our customers, covering the
many features of our blindness and low vision products, interviewing
developers whose products work with JAWSR and MAGicR, and drawing out the
personal success stories of our most inspiring users. We will miss his
always positive attitude, and great customer rapport. We are thankful that
he has agreed to continue to produce the FSCast as we transition this
to other staff."

Mosen, who lives in Wellington, New Zealand, has been involved with
blindness-related issues since the late 1980s and has been in the access
field since 1999. He worked with the Association of Blind Citizens of New
Zealand and the American Council of the Blind. One of his most significant
to blindness in New Zealand was his work to reform the Royal New Zealand
Foundation for the Blind's constitutional framework to become the Foundation
the Blind.


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