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Oh well, this wasn't even my question originally, but might as well
clarify my concerns. I use jaws 11 on an XP operating system computer
supplied by my work. I use the html version of gmail. When I am in
the subject line and hit tab, I hear "attach browse dot dot dot. When
I tab again, I get to the attach button. I seldom attach anything but
I've been trying to send mp3 files from a digital recorder I use to
learn music for chorus. This opens up still more questions on how to
navigate mp3 tracks with jaws using media player, especially the fast
forward and reverse, or cue and review. All I've found so far is play
and pause.


On 5/5/13, john.falter <john.falter@...> wrote:
You will get a better answer to your question if you list the email program,

screen reader, and even your pc operating system names and versions.

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De List members.
Me and my friend are having trouble sending attachments in email
We don't know how to get from one location to another to find a document
Any help and tips will be very appreciated

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