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I'm the worst person to offer advice but, for me, I save a file in My
Documents or on the Desktop, then when I want to attach, find the
attach button, then browse button, navigate to the "look in" field
with alt-i, then arrow down to find My Documents or Desktop, or
whatever folder I saved the file in. Then I navigate to folder fiew
with the tab key and look for the file with first letter navigation.
I select the file with "enter" , then hit "send."

I use gmail and I do not like attaching files. There are a couple of
ways to do this apparently and I always end up sending the email
before attaching a file due to there being an "attach" command that
does not take me to a form field with a brows button by it, but
instead, just acts like the "send key" and sends the email. Anyone
using gmail care to offer advice?


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De List members.
Me and my friend are having trouble sending attachments in email
We don't know how to get from one location to another to find a document
Any help and tips will be very appreciated

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