Re: does jaws work with windows 8.

Jennifer Tissot

HI, Rodney:

oh, cool, I didn't have the Classic shell explained well to me. IT was
installed by a computer tech at work who suggested it. I have litel
use for the tiles, which are where the people, mail, news and such
appear if you arrowthrough them. I simply don't use much of that.

I have Vista and never upgraded to seven, as I didn't feel like
putting the money into the upgrade and was okay with Vista after being
stuck with it for four years and went straight for Win. 8. I just
didn't know if it'd wipe out my entire harddrive as fresh, nd had
nobody to ask about it at the time, so was kind of nervous about it.
, as I was already in the midst of buying a new desktop, something
I'd never had before. . I"d been using Windows XP forever that was
given to me for college years to go and it finally seen its day. I
liked XP's layout the best but am also used to Win. 8 at this rate. I
was really behind the times and knew it. I was just lazy to be honest.
I'm normally mostly on top of things with technology but in the
recent months, have decided mostly if it works well still, why spend
more money for an upgrade that's going to change so fast?
I never used Window Eyes before. That's probably why NVDA throws me
through a loop. I find JAWS clearer to my ear, as I'm used to it. But
each to his own.

On 5/1/13, rodney jackson <jackson_mr@...> wrote:
Before you used win8 did you use win7?
Where did you download the classic start?
I went to to get the classic start and when I installed it it
automatically set it up to look like win7. Anything I had on the desktop
You can go through the settings and also make it look like windows xp
I will have to turn on the win8 compute later to see how it put

I am still learning the terms, I am assuming that the tiles is what I see
when I first log into windows where I can type a in the edit box to locate
something, well if you are navigating through the start menu and locate
start screen it shows those tiles but if you hit the start menu again the
tiles go away.
I am so used to win7 so I find it it is easier to find what I am looking
But all the programs you had with the tiles and charms and now in the
classic start menu.
I hope I am explaining this correctly.
But as far as NVDA, it is much clearer then it used to be and I find that
the keystrokes are a combination between jaws and window eyes.
But since I do have so many computers I use jaws on my primary computer
which is the one I am on now.
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I have tried NVDA but find the irritating and hard to understand and
the keystrikes a little little complex than I like. Also, I was able
to load the same Jaws disk without buyihng multiple copies to put onto
my laptop and desktop, one running 32 bit, the other 64 bit but both
Win. 8. I honestly had the Classic Shell installed but didn't know how
to use it. I tried reinstalling and wonder if I did it right, since
the normal tiles don't show up anymore when loading my desktop. do you
know what I mean? They only show up when I do certain files, but can'
can't nail down the specifics of how to access them when on this
desktop mode. Is this normal or is esthe tiles as before. Even the
serach search charm disappeared when trying to put Claasiic Classic
Shell on . IS this normal forfunctionality or did something bad happen
to my desktop?

On 5/1/13, rodney jackson <jackson_mr@...> wrote:
Jen or anyone else,
Have you tried the classic start for windows 8, so it works like win7?
On one of my computers I have windows 8 pro 64 bit and I installed it,
however on that computer I am not using jaws, can not afford to put jaws
all my machines.
So I am using NVDA on it and works well, was wondering if anyone has
it with jaws

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yes, but only with the professional version, which his what I have. IT
is pretty proficient and there are a vfew shortcut keys to locate
foldres and such,j and unfortunately without the use of a mouse, much
tabbing involved in the menus. I'm used to it now and it's a little
slower but it does work. I'm learning the ropes on it, to. Win. 8 is
new to me..

On 4/30/13, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:
Yes, JAWS 14 and above works with Windows 8.

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hello does jaws work with windows 8.
lab top.
my rehab. services.
will get me a computer for work & home use.
but i'm wondering if jaws will work with a new lab top with
windows 8.
i've been a long time jaws user.
for many years now.

from rhonda.

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