Re: Downloading and Saving attachments in Windows 8 Mail

David Bailes

Hi Gilbert,
On my computer, in the list of messages Jaws says if there is an attachment. Also, there is a button for save/open before the message.
Are you using the latest version of windows 8 mail and Jaws 14?
Windows 8 apps are updated in the store, not by the usual windows update.
If you open then store, then if there are updates and you press tab, you're taken to an updates link, and if you open this you're taken to a page where you can update apps.
Unfortunately, Jaws does not read the updates link. You can either press tab and enter and see where you end up, or alternatively temporarily use the narrator screen reader, which does read this link.
To turn narrator on, press windows key + enter, and to turn it off, press caps lock + esc. You don't have to turn jaws off when you do this.
original message:
Does anyone know how to download and save attachments with Windows 8 Mail? I have some email with an attachment, but the attachment will not show. The attachment doesn’t show in the virtual window, and when I tab through the controls, Jaws does not announce the attachment anywhere through my tabbing cycle. When I tab, I here the list box containing the various folders, then the list box containing my messages, then new, then delete, then respond, then there is a button labeled with who the sender is, then another button with my name, and then the virtual window from which I can read the message, but no attachment window. What do I do?

Gilbert Neiva

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