Outlook 2010 reminders inaccessible with iCloud installed for i-phone synching?

Brian Anthony <bri1729@...>

Dear List members,

Can anyone confirm if they have the 'dismiss', 'dismiss-all' and 'snooze'
buttons accessible within Outlook 2010 using JAWS 14 when they have the
Windows Apple I-Cloud software installed?

If I disable the 'iCloud' Outlook add-in, these 'reminder' buttons become
accessible again by tabbing to them, but with the add-in enabled, those
buttons are not reachable by any tabbing with JAWS.

The i-Cloud synchronisation function of i-phone
reminders/contacts/appointments all seem to work fine, but synchronising the
reminders becomes pointless if I can't access them on the Outlook panel.

Surely I'm not the first trying to sync my i-phone to a Windows 7 system
using Outlook like this?

New list member, so sorry for duplicating this as my earlier posting I
suspect was a bit vague.



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