Re: does jaws work with windows 8.

Jennifer Tissot

yes, but only with the professional version, which his what I have. IT
is pretty proficient and there are a vfew shortcut keys to locate
foldres and such,j and unfortunately without the use of a mouse, much
tabbing involved in the menus. I'm used to it now and it's a little
slower but it does work. I'm learning the ropes on it, to. Win. 8 is
new to me..

On 4/30/13, Joseph Lee <> wrote:
Yes, JAWS 14 and above works with Windows 8.

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Subject: does jaws work with windows 8.

hello does jaws work with windows 8.
lab top.
my rehab. services.
will get me a computer for work & home use.
but i'm wondering if jaws will work with a new lab top with
windows 8.
i've been a long time jaws user.
for many years now.

from rhonda.

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