Re: Is Webex compatible with JAWS 14?

Charles Krugman

I'm not sure if I've used it recenlty but most online software of this nature leaves lots to be deisired when it comes to accessibility with JAWS or any other screen reading software as much of it relies on graphics which are not read in their entirety. Most on line software of this type is not fully interactive with JAWS and you may have troubletyping in information such as questions or dialogue if you are in a conference. Unfortunately I don't have any specific recommendations that stnad out for to use instead. This is something that just has to be tolerated I guess.
Chuck Krugman

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Subject: Is Webex compatible with JAWS 14?

Hello Everyone,

I am a new member to this list, and I write with a brief question. I
would like to know whether WebEx is compatible with JAWS 14. If not, I
would appreciate recommendations concerning other online meeting
software that is accessible with JAWS.

Thank You,

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