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Soronel Haetir

And if you are not on the jaws window you can hit jaws+j and the menu
will pop up. (jaws is ins on the desktop layout and caps lock on the
laptop layout)

On 4/20/13, Ariel <accessibleknowledge@...> wrote:
Hi Marion,
Assuming you are on the JAWS Window, You can access it by pressing
Alt+U. Now you can either arrow down until you hear "Sound Car," or you
can press "O" to get to the menu. Once you are in the menu, you can
choose your sound car.
On 4/20/2013 12:19 PM, Marion Woods wrote:
How do I access the utilities menu?


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I don't remember if JAWS 11 had the feature but you can take a look by
pulling down your Utility menu and selecting Sound card in the drop
down menu. Open the submenu under there and you should find the
different choices of sound cards to route your speech output.

JAWS 14 definitely has this feature and its very helpful when doing

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Hi all,
Using an HP Low profile PC with Windows XP, the onboard Audio card is
a RealTeck. As there is not room for an additional PCI sound card I
have installed a Creative Sound Blaster Play USB Sound Card which
works with great audio and microphone quality.
Question, as the RealTeck audio card is now redundant can I change
the settings in JFW11 to get the Jaws voice to use this card as it's
default card?,if so it would allow me to make recordings without the
Jaws voice appearing on the recording. this would save time editing
If it can be done, can anyone give me the steps to do this,,
Many thanks,

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