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douglas richard dexheimer

I too went to and did a Jaws Find to search for Flash, but it wasn't found. What do I do next time a site won't work in Firefox, and trying to use it in IE brings a crash and "send error report"? How can I select the non-IE version of Flash now? I'm not sure if lets me select between Flash players for IE and other browsers.

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On the weekend, a lister alerted me that Nimite no longer supports the
updating of Adobe Flash Player. It is possible the website will still do so,
but only after you pay an annual subscription of $9.99. The website isn't
clear on this point.

The next day I got an alert that AFP needs to be updated. I went through the
installation process, which has become more accessible, only to be told the
installation was unsuccessful. The reason? Apparently it's because I removed
Java from my system after recommendations to do so from the government and
several experts.

Has anyone here solved this conundrum?

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