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Adrian Spratt

MS Word provides options for misspelled words or choices of words that
appear incorrect. Both spelling and grammar checkers must be on. I think
they might even work as you type, but I've never tried that setting because
I figure it would be too distracting.

Google is surprisingly good at figuring out which word you actually meant to
type in the search field. It can help to add search terms to make the
context clear.

Although not a JAWS suggestion, I noticed tonight as I start learning to use
the iPhone that the iPhone 5, if not earlier versions, have a feature you
can turn on and off to guess which word you actually meant.

I suspect these are indirect suggestions to your address your question, but
I mention them just in case.

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Hi List Members,

I have a student who has significant literacy challenges as he is from
another country. Do you know of any word prediction software that is
accessible with JAWS, as he struggles a lot with spelling and grammar.
I greatly appreciate your input!

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