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I'm trying to create a playlist in Windows Media Player. I have windows 7. Can anyone using Jaws tell me the steps to do this? Also, can anyone tell me an easy way to copy, burn, and drag/drop doing this? I never used Windows Media Player before. I use to have Roxio.

Thank u very much for yr help

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Hi All,

Can anyone provide tips for navigating Charter webmail? I have tried with
XP / IE8, Win7 / IE10, J13 & 14 without success. Jaws mostly reports an
unlabeled number & embedded object. I can navigate using the letter, B,
from button to button but, there are so many unlabeled number embedded
objects between lines of text that it's almost impossible to determine
exactly what you are on! It would be greatly appreciated if someone has
navigation tips to make navigating Charter webmail any easier. All help
will be graciously accepted! Thank you very much for any help.
Take care.
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