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You can use the Freedom Import Printer (FIP) to do OCR on those blank PDF

You can also open them directly in Openbook.

And yes, you can also open those other formats you listed, and then some. As
long as there's some recognizable text in the image, it should be rendered
by Openbook.

Dave Carlson
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I had a question for those more experienced on this list than I am.
What types of files, contained in a PDF document, will Open Book read
when this function is used? I hear that you can choose to print,
selecting the freedom import printer option, on a PDF document if JAWS
is not able to read the PDF. For instance, if one opens a pdf document
and jaws announces "BLANK." You can then choose the Freedom import
printer option to have this PDF read inside of open book. Do I have
this sequence correct? If so, what types of image files will open book
convert to text? JIF, JPEG?? and so forth; any help would be greatly
appreciated. Thank you so much. -Andrew-

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