web browsers & Jaws 14

Crystal French

I seem to be the only one having problems with Jaws 14 and IE 10 and some web pages.
Today, I decided to install mazilla Fire Fox on my computer to see if I could use it instead of IE 10 on bothersome pages.
I am also using Windows 7, 64 bit.
The very same web pages that give me grief in IE 10 do exactly the same thing in Fire Fox.
I’m wondering now if there might be a setting in Jaws, or the browsers, that may be the problem.
Of course, that takes in a lot of territory.
Here is another web site that gives me trouble, in addition to the search results pages on eBay.
Now, I can go to the home page, no problem. I can then enter on the dog products link, and that page comes up, Jaws might even announce it, but it doesn’t work properly at all.
For example, if I try to bring up the links list, and sit back and wait, it may appear. If it does, Jaws moves very sluggishly, if it does anything.
In mazilla Fire Fox, I usually just get “no links,” “no form field,s,” “no headings.” I think you get the idea.
If anything occurs to anyone, I’ll give it a try.
Then, if I want to go to toys
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