Re: accessing contacts in windows live mail

Kevin Lee <kleeva5@...>

if you are using windows 7 there is a separate contacts in your profile not associated with live mail.
in live mail there is another contacts used specifically for live mail
working in contacts
go to contacts using control+3
create a new contact using control+n
move thru tabs of the contact using control+tab
at the tab you want to insert info use shift+enter
to edit a contact select the contact press application key select edit
press tab to move thru contact, personal etc on the tab you want to edit press shift+enter

to edit, use tab to move thru the fields and when finished your edit tab til you get to
save contact.

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Subject: accessing contacts in windows live mail

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me how to access and edit contacts and contact groups in
windows mail? I am using the 2010 version I think. I used the search box on
the start menu to access and change them yesterday, but when I am in windows
live mail, it is not bringing up the changed versions when I am sending an



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