Re: the documents list--solved!

Ann Byrne

thank you, David. that was it!

At 06:19 AM 8/15/2011, you wrote:
Hello there;

By chance did you make change in the tools/view menu.

If you go to desktop, enter on computer,


Right arrow=view,
Tab to list view,
Press the letter "a",
You will hear;

Automatically type into the Search Box
Is this on?

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Tabbing to the documents list in Windows 7, I see all my folders
followed by the documents. So far, so good. but when I enter the
first few characters of a document name, instead of the cursor moving
to the document beginning with those characters, I am put into a
search window. Obviously I have tweaked something, but I haven't a
clue what. Tabbing, I have the 'name' split button, which has been
displayed forever, and nothing that looks strange. but first letter
navigation should take me to a document in the list instead of into a
search box.

Anybody got a clue???



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