Jaws 12 question - Jaws unresponsive to keystrokes while in folder and link lists

Murray Peat <murraytp@...>

Hi people, my apologies if this has already been asked.
I recently upgraded from Jaws 11 pro to Jaws 12 pro. I am operating on xp professional and use high contrast settings.

One of the first things I noticed with Jaws 12 is that when I am in a folder list in say outlook Jaws continues with its narrative even when I press the letter of the folder I wish to go to such as J for junk email. This happens on all applications and is of particular annoyance when I use f7 on the net to bring up the links list. When I hit a key to find a certain link Jaws still continues to read the link it is on and shows no haste in updating to the new link.

I can get around this by using the control key to silence Jaws then I can hit the first letter of the link or folder I want and this does the trick however it is an extreme annoyance and slows things down for me.

Does anyone know of a fix for this or is this just a new feature on Jaws 12 and I am stuck with it.

I have all the latest Jaws 12 updates on my system so as far as I know there is no outstanding update available to help.

I sent a request to Freedom Scientific however have not heard back thus far.

Thanks kindly

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