IE10...Yes or no, with some experience

Morey Worthington

Hi all.
IE 7 wants to install IE 10 on my 64 bit machine. Is there a majority consensus (sorry about spelling) as to whether to do it or not? I have had some experience with IE 10 on this machine before. It was a Dell machine that came with Win/8 and IE 10. This was 4 months ago. First off I had a real bad time installing Jaws 14 on the machine. Took 3 days and help from Dell and FS to get the proglem sorted out. That was finally sorted out and I started playing with the Win/8 and Jaws. Many different ways of doing things in 8 but that was another story. When I was using IE 10, there are 2 different versions of it in 8, I could not get IE 10 to keep my passwords for my internet favorites. No matter how I tried, even going to the tools and deleting the history and password files.
After getting really frustrated I removed Win/8 from this machine and installed Win/7HP and now go on my merry way.
Now that IE 10 wants to rejoin me, what does everyone think about it?
Using newest bill of Jaws 14. Thanks for any thoughts.
Morey Worthington

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