O.T. contractors needed


Greetings, Folks,

I'm desperately looking for sighted Jaws users to work on an on-line project for about 2 months.

Yes, it takes sight enough to navigate two screen simultaneously. It is super inaccessible to the totally blind, which is part of the reason I'm posting here. I had planned to be doing a bunch of the work myself. But, it just doesn't work.

If you are interested in exploring this more, contact me at:


Davey Hulse, CEO
Braille Plus, Inc.
P.O. Box 3686
2659 Commercial Street, Southeast
Suite 264
Salem, Oregon 97302
Phone: Toll-free (866) 264-2345; Local, (503) 391-5335
Fax: (503) 391-9359
Email: service@brailleplus.net

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