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Tom Lange

As previously suggested, you can use insert+f1 to check to see if there are indeed headers and footers, and, if they exist, JAWS should tell you when they are present on any given page. However, there's another way to know for sure, and I've used this technique regularly of late.

1. Go to the top of your document by pressing ctrl+home.
2. Press alt+v, followed by H. This will turn on the header/footer view.
3. At this point, you can use your down arrow to scroll through the headers and footers sequentially, page by page. If need be, you can even edit them if you want to, changing text and formatting as necessary.

When you're finished, press alt+v followed by h again and you'll return to your regular document view. If you've made changes, save as necessary.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you all! This has been very helpful.

On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 1:55 PM, Lisa Larges <> wrote:

Hi Mary,
As far as I know, you are correct.
There may be an option under schemes that will read headers and footers,
if there is, I didn't find it.
I just now opened up a document with a header on each page, and page
in the footer. I could read the header with the JAWS cursor, but not with
the regular pc cursor. Even with the JAWS cursor, JAWS didn't read the page
number in the footer; if I didn't know there was a header and footer in a
document I wouldn't think to look for it. Indeed, probably there have been
many documents I've read through without realizing there was a header.

When creating documents, JAWS works well in speaking the header and footer
fields, but that isn't the case when reading them. As I say, there might be
a way to create a scheme which would include saying headers and footers; if
there is, I'm sure someone on this list will confirm, but a JAWS user would
have to have their settings configured to do this, and it certainly isn't
the default.
If your goal is accessibility, then I would recommend not using headers and
footers, except perhaps for pagination.

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Subject: Headers and Footers in a word document

I have been asked to assess a word document for it's accessibility. This
document that has both a header and footer. Jaws read the header yesterday,
but today it does not read it or act like it exists.

Should I recommend that the creator avoid the use of headers and footers?

Even when it read the header yesterday, it didn't announce that there was a
header in the document, so how would a user know to look for one?


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