Re: Accessible Media Player besides Winamp?

Nickus de Vos <bigboy529@...>

Hi Chris, I needed a change about a year ago from real player, winamp
and whatever else. I was as anti apple as you can get but thought what
the hell I'll try itunes. I installed it and loved it from the start.
It's fully accessible accept for the itunes store which is about 80%
accessible. It does everything you want and does nothing that it
shouldn't. A lot of people don't like the way it orggennises your
media but it works for me. A few weeks ago I said on this list that
people using it should save themselves a coppy of the latest Itunes
10.4.4 I think it is, because itunes 11 will apparently be a total
rebuild and I don't know what that meens for its accessibility. Try
itunes and ask if their's anything else.

On 8/14/11, Chris Smart <> wrote:
I need a change.

Can anybody recommend a small, fast and flexible music player that
is accessible? I'm not so interested in VLC, since newer versions
of it are not accessible.

Is Foobar 2000 accessible?


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