Re: IE 10, jaws 14, and google preferences

David Bailes

Hi Phil,
using the same combination, I don't have all of the problems.
The check box for the results page is ok, and the save button is also ok.
There is a problem with the group of radio buttons for setting instant results.
If you're in forms mode and use an arrow key to change which option is selected, then that option is checked visibily, and in practice, but jaws reads it as unchecked. NVDA also reads it as unchecked.
It appears that the information whether one of these radio buttons is checked is presented in a different way in ie10 compared to ie9 and that jaws and nvda aren't picking up this information.
original message:
I am running jaws v14.0.1534. I installed IE 10 under windows 7 pro 64-bit.

When I attempt to make changes to my preferences on the

page, I am not able to interact with most of the forms. I cannot check one
of the radio buttons for setting instant results.

Also, the check box for having result pages opened in a new window is
missing, and the save button is also missing.

I uninstalled IE 10, and everything is back to "normal".

Does anyone know if this problem might be an IE 10 issue, or how jaws is
working with ie 10?



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