Re: What do you know about how JAWS authorization works?

Steve Matzura

That's what I'm a-doin'. I was just hoping somebody had some, ya know,
secret insite. LOL.

On Mon, 25 Mar 2013 09:10:33 -0400, you wrote:

Play it safe. Put everything into the machine, install any required software
and/or updates, then authorize. Nothing you're doing *should* impact your
machine's lock code, but as you say FS's licensing system's been known to be
somewhat confusing. So, just so you're not repeating yourself later, install
everything you need first, then authorize.

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This is the big mystery question. I have encountered things over the
years that have broken my authorizations such that I had to wind up
getting a dongle to solve one annoying problem, such as adding memory
or even adding a driver for a USB device which, when connected,
changes the machine's footprint ID, making JAWS think it's a different
machine. I am now faced with a computer that has as much memory in it
as it's going to get, but with one out of two possible installed
drives. I'll turn on the other drive, which is a BIOS tweak, before
proceeding with the following. I am planning on installing two more
drives which will be attached to a SATA controller card which I will
also be installing. I'm wondering which of these things will break my
authorization, causing me to have to get yet another ILM key, which I
don't want to do if I can avoid that hassle. So, should I just put
everything into the machine that's going to be put into it, then
authorize, or should I authorize first, then install the hardware if
doing that won't change the machine's ID?

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