What do you know about how JAWS authorization works?

Steve Matzura

This is the big mystery question. I have encountered things over the
years that have broken my authorizations such that I had to wind up
getting a dongle to solve one annoying problem, such as adding memory
or even adding a driver for a USB device which, when connected,
changes the machine's footprint ID, making JAWS think it's a different
machine. I am now faced with a computer that has as much memory in it
as it's going to get, but with one out of two possible installed
drives. I'll turn on the other drive, which is a BIOS tweak, before
proceeding with the following. I am planning on installing two more
drives which will be attached to a SATA controller card which I will
also be installing. I'm wondering which of these things will break my
authorization, causing me to have to get yet another ILM key, which I
don't want to do if I can avoid that hassle. So, should I just put
everything into the machine that's going to be put into it, then
authorize, or should I authorize first, then install the hardware if
doing that won't change the machine's ID?

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