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Steve Matzura

Well that makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.
Not to mention the fact that in my hand right thi second, I hold a
sleeve containing a version 14 installation CD, and on thesleeve in
braille it says "JAWS 14 SMA". What exactly is that even supposed to
mean? Does it mean this is my last version before an SMA renewal is
required? Does it mean the sleeve contains the SMA renewal disk like
the old days? Neither is true. The sleeve actually contains the
version 14 installation disk.

Well, it's just after 8:30 Eastern Time, I'll let you all know how
this shakes out after I call down there and learn what's what.

On Sun, 24 Mar 2013 16:25:35 +0200, you wrote:

As far as I get it, you will only get a new number once you either
upgrade, or once you get a new SMA. So if you have a active SMA wich
run for 2 years, then after 1 year, you will not get a new number
because the SMA is stil running. So the 20 digit number only change
when you upgrrade or renew SMA.

On 24/03/2013, Adrian Spratt <Adrian@...> wrote:
If I'm not mistaken, the authorization number and extra CD came with JAWS
6.0. I've kept that version around here for that reason. I hope FS provides
this info and CD whenever someone signs up for the first time. But I agree,
we shouldn't have to rely on the packaging of a JAWS release from seven
versions ago, nor should we have to wait through a whole weekend to obtain
such basic information.

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I went to register JAWS yesterday and made a startling and annoying
discovery. In order to register and license your copy of JAWS using
the Internet License Management facility, you need an authorization
number which, according to Freedom Scientific's FS activation page, in
both print and braille on the sleeve of the installation program CD.
OH yeah? Then the dots must be hidden, and the print is either
white-on-white or black-on-black, because nobody in my house, blind or
not, could find such a thing, and we looked on two different versions
that came in two different packages.

I suspect that what's really going on here is that somewhere, way back
when I first got JAWS with the serial number I'm currently using,
which was new for version 4.0 which was the first one to run on
Windows NT and above, the box it came in definitely did have an
authorization number on a stick-on braille label. Of course, 4.0 is
long, long ago, and so is the packaging in which it came. Since then,
I'm sure when updates come out, they are delivered directly from the
company that stamps out and packages the distribution CD's, so they
can't possibly be personalized with your very own authorization
number. If that's correct, where are we supposed to find this thing?
Inquiring minds wanna know, and answers will be gotten tomorrow
morning when FS technical support opens for business.

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