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Peter Holdstock <ptrholdstock@...>

Don't they tend to ship new computers with a 90 day trial of Office instead
of Works now?


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yes, I agree.

I am just so amazed at how the spreadsheet is so unaccessible, and would of
thoughtthe basics of tabbing or arrowing between cells would worrk on all


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From: Gary King
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I've always wondered why Works has never been scripted. It seems to be
thrown in for free on computers and might prove useful for folks who can't
afford MS Office. I have it on my XP netbook. One problem would be which
version to look at for scripting. I don't know how often it's updated.

Gary King
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Hi John

Microsoft Works has always amazed me why it does not work. I am not sure
if it is still shipped with new computers these days but I know it always
used to be. I have a version of it on this 3 year old hp windows 7

I would ideally like the office suite but the amount I would use it really
does not warratnt paying for it.

I use the database on Microsoft works which jaws handles to a fashion and
enables me to use it quite well, but I have no luck with the spreadsheet
side of the program something simple as tabbing between cells just does
not work.

I am pretty sure there are not many people out there using this program,
but I felt that to someone who knows what what they are doing could make
this a lot better than what it is now.


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From: John Martyn
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Subject: to script a new application

Hi all,

In continued pursuit of scripting new applications, as always, I ask what
need to be accessible or more accessible. Quickbooks is indeed being
scripted already and have teamed up with and others to
this happen. Quicken and turbo tax is in the future, but I am looking for
much needed application. I have done many music related scripts, and all
your suggestions are being taken into consideration. I am not too familiar
with sound editors and all that you can do with the current ones. Keep in
mind that we cannot script web applications or web sites.

I was considering scripting open office for those that can't afford
Microsoft office and give a solution to those who can't afford Microsoft
office. Smaller applications that do simple tasks might not make the cut
since very few people will use them. Other programs such as virus and
spyware protectors Are out of the question since they change too much.

So, I'm opening up the floor for discussion.

Let's hear some suggestions!

John Martyn

Napster is another option for getting new music since Rhapsody only works
some regions of the world. Please keep in mind that small applications are
not going

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