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Adrian Spratt


It seems so obvious, but you don't mention here whether you re-enter your
Win7 password.

Assuming that's not the issue, have you tried a refresh with JAWS
key+escape? How about pressing alt+tab to move away from the screen,
release, and then alt+tab again to return to the screen?

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Hi JAWS Users

When I close my laptop computer using JAWS 14 in W7 often when I start again
JAWS will tell me about the log on screen and then and I will press endter.
Then JAWS will not speak and I will have to force the computer off and start
I have tried insert + space bar and then S, doing this twice.
I have tried to turn JAWS off and reload, no luck.

John Sherrer

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Hi All,

I got this link from,
Top Tech Tidbits, discussing handling irratic behavior with Jaws.

4) "Handling Erratic Behavior with AT" is an article that gives systematic
ideas for dealing with JAWS quirks:

Take care.
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