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Adrian Spratt

Perhaps it is the easiest way to read the New York Times, but it may not be
the best. For one thing, the Times provides links within articles that are
often useful. Second, you cannot send a friend a link to an article in the
NFB edition. There are other factors, but they might be more debatable. For
anyone who doesn't read in a strictly linear way and wishes to exchange
views with the outside world, the NFB edition is constrictive. I'm glad both
versions exist, though I find I keep reverting to the NY Times website and
haven't even opened the NFB version for months.

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The easiest way to read the New York Times, or any other major newspaper,
for that matter, is to access it using NFB Newsline Online, rather than
trying to access it directly from the paper's web site. All articles on NFB

Newsline are arranged alphabetically by headline within section, and of
course, there are no annoying pop-ups or flash content to deal with.


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The NY Times has been "improving" its website and emails. Last week they
reformatted their daily headlines email so that headlines are no longer
marked as headers. Before, I could skip from story to story by pressing 3
for header at level 3. Now I have to press 4 for the reporter's byline,
arrow up twice to the actual headline. Still worse, the layout isn't
consistent, and this method sometimes skips over material. I've written to
the Times to ask them to reinstate the header format for headlines. Their
first response was thanks for my opinion. I followed up, and this time got
an assurance that my request had been forwarded to Development.

To address your concern here, I find that the webpages on the website are
longer as stable. I can't say I've experienced what you describe because I
automatically go right to the print version. However, it's sometimes
difficult to pin down the print link.

You've probably noticed that sometimes an ad will pop up as a webpage
appears to be opening. The usual solution in this case is to go to the top
of the page and arrow down once. Here there's a link for skipping the ad.
Press enter on this, and the webpage I want stays in place.

You might want to bring your experience to the attention of the Times. As
tried to suggest, you might need to be persistent. Past problems with the
newspaper have always been fixed.

I'm using JAWS 14, Win7 and IE9. I find that JAWS 14 handles the Internet
better than previous versions of JAWS.

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Subject: reading N Y Times articles

I would invite any one to find a long article on the N Y Times let's say
under health and
Try to read it with JAWS (10 and 12).

The articles all get interrupted by
"flash movie start"
and then the entire page refreshes back to the top.

I have
"suppress all refreshes" checked.

Yes, one can find "print" and the Timeswill
Present the entire article perfectly.

But I want to know why JAWS cannot read the entire article as happens on
other newspaper sites without refreshing back to the beginning.

Thanks to the excellent person who wrote me privately.

Freedom Scientific did not as of now answer my query.

Thanksto all.

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