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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the information I have sent a request to join the OpenBook list, regarding the version, I used the v9 version , don't forget I am using Outlook express with 4 identities and Jaws11.



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Hi Marion,

What version of Openbook are you running? Personally I have never had the
problem you are experiencing using Openbook 7 or 8, didn't care too much for
9. Why don't you call Freedom Scientific tech support & let them figure out
what's happening. Their phone # is: 1-727-803-8600, press prompt, #2.

Or, you can join the Openbook list using the subscription link below & maybe
someone there will have an answer for you:


Take care.
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Subject: no email body text in outlook express, when OpenBook Instaled

Hi all,

I installed a 30 day trial copy of FS OpenBook, it worked great on my WinXP
PC with Jaws11, however when checking my email accounts I could read all
mail ok but when composing new mail it would not let me enter any body text,
only headers, according to FS it's suitable for use with WinXP, After many
fruitless hours of trying to diagnose the problem I gave up and uninstalled
OpenBook, which put everything back to normal.
It's a shame because the OCR scanning software and other facilities worked
great in OpenBook with Jaws11, it's a good job I tried the trial version
before buying

If anyone knows of a fix before I give up please let me know,


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