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paul lemm


It would depend which version of excel your using. If its 2010 then you go
to the home menu, then cells, then format, then auto fit either row or Colum
depending on which one you want to change.

I think for older versions of excel (the versions before the ribbon
toolbars) you go to the format menu and it's been a while since I've used
the older versions but I think there is a cells option in there somewhere
with the auto fit options.

Hope this helps.


Paul Lemm

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Subject: How to resize columns and rows in Excel

Hello everyone,

I wanted to know how to resize columns and rows in MS Excel.

When we enter text in a cell in Excel, at times the text overflows out of
the cell. Depending on whether the adjacent cell has any text, the
overflowing text either is displayed or disappears behind the contents of
the adjacent cell. In either of the two cases, JAWS will read the complete
content of the text, and so, a JAWS user may not understand if the text is
appearing properly on the screen. I wanted to know if there is any way to
resize the column such that the cell is wide enough to display the text
completely. At the same time, how does one know that the new size of the
column is not excessively wide such that the worksheet appears poorly

I am aware of the wrap text formatting option of Excel, and would appreciate
if an alternative approach is suggested by the group.

Lastly, is there any way to resize the rows in this fashion too?



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