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Cool. Always wondered how that worked. You just took the mystery out of

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In Excel 2010:

1. Place the first value--e.g., 9:15--in a1;
2. place the second value--9:30--in a2;
3. select the cells in column A starting with 9:15, going down to the
approximate end of your time list.
4. Press alt+h, then f, i, s. do not press enter.
5. In the resulting dialog, press the columns radio button.
6. Tab to the field that says 'linear, 1 of 4", and arrow down to
'autofill, 4 of 4". Do not fill in step value or stop value or trend.
7. Tab to Okay and press enter.

Autofill will derive the increase from a1 and a2.

Good luck!

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