Re: repairing hard disk errors

Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

It's a slash, or it used to be.


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Try this command in the run dialog:
Chkdsk /f
I think it is a slash but it might be a dash.
John Martyn

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Subject: repairing hard disk errors

My computer seems to be running OK. However, I keep getting a message that says Windows has detected a hard disk error. I am running carbonite, so that should take care of backup.

The one program I know about is chkdsk/f. I had to run it as part of my boot up. It doesn't give me a report. I just end up where I usually do, and I'm still getting the same error message.

Does anyone know of a program I can use to try to find and correct whatever problem, if any, I have? The famous Norton Disk Doctor is no more, and there's a plethora of freeware.


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